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The Girl who a Tail

In 2013 I had a solo show entitled The Girl who had a Tail, which was the culmination of three years work. The show was a coming of age tale, exploring my transformation from girl to woman, through paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations and embroideries. In response to the darker history of fairytale I wrote a feminist retelling of Little Red Riding Hood in which I cast myself as the heroine entitled The Girl who had a Tail. The story was a metaphor for my own experience in an abusive relationship. The show included a full size wire horse head, spine and tail sculpture, a blue embroidered riding cloak, large graphite drawings of twisted and broken horse headed women, a hare skeleton with a human hair crown and a horse skull with a hair bridle. The works played with traditional and self-invented mythologies, heavy with symbol and metaphor. The wolf met a very violent end.

Telling Tales (Tails)

Jennifer Robson's first solo exhibition was held at the Outbye Gallery in 2011


'Horses have been an obsession since childhood, and here provide an expressive, but less guarded channel, through which Robson can reveal her more emotive traits, contrasting with the meticulously executed and polished self portraits of previous years.'

Blood and Roses

Jennifer Robson collaborated with Poorboy in response to Blood and Roses, written by Sandy thomson the comapan director. Over 20 pieces of original art and one-off works were constructed and displayed in various venues throughout the Merchant city in Glasgow.

The Dress - WASPS Installation 2010

The process from start to finish of Jennifer's first installation at WASPS Artist Studios Open Weekend Dundee 2011

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